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ENUE' - ENVIE - Hair Color

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ENVIE - Hair Color


sweet colour without ammonia

Intercosmetics ENUÉ laboratories is born: the color without ammonia and without paraphenoli ' with vitamin c. The line perfectly covers white hair is lightened hair colors it's reflected intensely natural ones and lightens up to 2-3 tones in maximum security. The hair is even after treatment they stay soft and shiny. The presence of vitamin C allows greater duration of color while adding beeswax makes the reflection color bright and shiny. The great fruity scent lingers on the hair and in the workplace. Dermatologist tested.
shades: comes in 43 colors divided into series: GOLDEN ' natural ' ASH ' ROSSI ' AUBURN ' VIOLETS ' FASHION ' BEIGE ' WARM BROWN MAHOGANY ' LIGHTENERS.

directions for use: mix 50 ml of cream 50 ml + Activator (opaque or lightening) + 10 ml of Nutrigel.

packaging: 100 ml tube.