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UNIQUE - permanent hair color cream
UNIQUE - permanent hair color cream - SUBRINA - Hair Color


UNIQUE - permanent hair color cream
Hair Color

UNIQUE - colorazione permanente in crema

UNIQUE is based on technology Shine Reflection : color pigments are combined with molecules of pure brilliance in a stable mixture that enriches them, making the result more intense and very washable. Contains Argan Oil is particularly useful in repairing the damaged hair cuticle and protect them from the aggression of external agents.
Shades available in 99 shades, arranged in a circle in the folder color, because they are immediately visible to the eye of the hairdresser and the client.
method of use : to classic colors to mix all'ossidante 6,9,12 % in the ratio of 1:1. To get intense blonde mix in a 1:2 ratio, for delicate colors to mix oxidant to 1.9 or 3 % in the ratio of 1:2.
box: 60 ml tube

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