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Welloxon PERFECT - oxidant cream
Welloxon PERFECT - oxidant cream - WELLA PROFESSIONALS - Hair Color Developers

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Welloxon PERFECT - oxidant cream

WELLOXON PERFECT - crema ossidante

Welloxon PERFECT is the oxidant cream that achieves superior color results. Thanks to StabilKomplex the basis of its wording, Welloxon PERFECT guide evenly transfer of oxygen throughout the shutter speed, allowing the coloring harmonious development. The use of Welloxon PERFECT in combination with Koleston Perfect provides maximum strength and durability of the color, perfect gray coverage, color uniformity and exceptional shine to the hair, thanks to the presence of chelating agents that avoid the effect of leaded (color off
and metal).
Available in 3 variants : 20 volumes, 30 volumes, 40 volumes
box: 1000 ml bottle

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