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WAVE SOFT - BIOSHINE - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

SOFT WAVE- without permanent unique strength Ammonia liquid organic scented waving to Marine amino acids and wheat proteins

The undulating WAVE SOFT liquid does not contain Thioglycollic acid , nor the same saliderivati and adapts to every technical requirement of the hairdresser. Thanks to the properties , allows you to change the structure of the hair leaving it shiny and fluffy. Leaves no unpleasant odours.

directions for use: wash the hair with a shampoo Bioshine. To damp hair apply curlers as mounting methods. Apply the Perm liquid on the whole , leave on hair based on hair type and proceed to fixing. Indicative: shutter speeds and normal hair 20/30 minutes , check ogni10 minutes. For treated hair 10/15 minutes , check every 5 minutes. Under suitably reduce heat source the shutter.
packaging: 250 ml bottle

Organic liquid neutralizer perm without oxygen with amino acids and wheat protein. Acts on hair by restoring the Sulfide bridges. Makes the curl perm , nervous well-defined and soft.
packaging: 250 ml bottle

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