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SWEET WAVE - EMSIBETH - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

Dainty waving system

With Cysteamine, no ammonia, no Parabens, no Thioglycolic Acid. Ideal for all hair types, it acts gently giving a natural undulating effect and soft, sweet and bouncy with curly resulting from root to tip. A formula that respects the beauty of the hair due to the absence of Thioglycolic acid, ammonia and paraben-free. The scent is sweet, berries.

Active principles:
• Cysteamine: comes from cysteine (an amino acid that constitutes 17.5% of the hair) for effective treatment, very delicate;
• Wheat proteins: help protect the hair texture, volume and also improves the smoothness;
• Lanolin: helps maintain the hair surface and increases hydration;
• Conditioning polymers: also ensure the hair a silky and soft.

• Elastic and natural Curls;
• Soft volumes and durability;
• Hair protected and hydrated.
Depending on the chosen curler, hedgehogs can vary at will of the client.

packaging: the single dose kit consists of gentle LOTION for all hair types and NEUTRALIZING LIQUID ready for use in bottles with spouts from 100 ml.

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