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LISSE ' PLEX - RAYWELL - Hair Straighteners

RAYWELL - Hair Straighteners

herbal Keratin smoothing treatment without parabens and formaldehyde

Line of products for hairdressing and home maintenance that can give your hair a smooth and silky for up to 3 months. Thanks to its formulation based on prickly India oil rich in vitamins E and F, plays an important protective action, anti-age and softening, preserving intact the structure
of the hair. The range consists of: PRE-SHAMPOO, STRAIGHTENER with anti-yellowing action and CONDITIONER.

method of use: apply LISSE PLEX PRE-SHAMPOO to wet hair and massage. Dry your hair and apply LISSE PLEX STRAIGHTENER on individual strands. Do not rinse, drying proceed with a brush. Comb thoroughly to remove any excess product. Proceed with the plate and rinse with warm water at the end. Apply LISSE PLEX KERALISS CONDITIONER, cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave on with heat source for 5/7 minutes. Rinse again with warm water and proceed with the desired styling.

packaging: 1000 ml bottles.