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direct coloring

Color Fresh is the action film-forming cosmetic highlighters, without ammonia. Ideal for those approaching for the first time, to color, to cover the first white hair colors for men or for those who like to keep their color but adding a touch bright and shiny. With its formula designed Vital Complex Structure -based PH Betaine and D- panthenol 6.5 gives the hair a bright color and smooth from root to tip. It is applied directly and has a duration of about 8 shampoos.
method of use : rinse well and pat your hair, apply the product by distributing it evenly, leave on for 5-20 minutes depending on the structure of the hair and the intensity of the color you want. To increase the intensity of the color, we recommend the use of a source of heat or increase the shutter speed. After the shutter rinse well. Do not make an extra shampoo and proceed to the crease.

Poser at acidic pH

Contains a set of active substances related to the hair and color pigments, a combination that enhances and strengthens the hair structure. COLOR Perfecton is highly recommended to standardize the color after a perm, to keep the color bright and vibrant in color and the other one or for those who love a natural product that reflected their own hair.
Shades the various shades can be mixed together to increase indefinitely unwanted reflections. It is a free product should be mixed with water and ammonia.
method of use : after washing your hair, or after undulation, mix 250ml of water with a quantity of Perfecton color depending on the shade you wish to achieve :
• tone from 12/ 0 to 10/ 0 + 250ml water 5ml Perfecton
• Tone 9/ 0 250ml water + 10ml Perfecton
• Tone 8/0 250ml water + 15ml Perfecton
• tone from 7/ 0 to 4/0 250ml water + 20ml Perfecton
Spread the mixture directly from the applicator on the base, the lengths and ends.
Do not rinse and proceed directly to the crease.

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