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COLOR TOUCH Light2Color Complex
COLOR TOUCH Light2Color Complex - WELLA PROFESSIONALS - Hair Tone on Tone

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COLOR TOUCH Light2Color Complex

COLOR TOUCH Light2Color Complex

reflection cosmetic ultra- bright without ammonia
COLOR TOUCH is the new generation of oxidative highlighters able to recreate reflections multi- tone colors very similar to those of natural hair thanks to the innovative system Light2Color Complex, a special combination of three different color pigments that guarantees up to 57% in more multifaceted reflections combined with a protein complex fiber with moisturizing ingredients can deeply nourish and offer up to 63 % more shine to the natural hair. A delicate color, ammonia free, treating the rich cosmetic base which provides excellent coverage of white hair with the perfect pigment color development even at low volumes.
shades: available in 67 shades divided into 6 color families :
- PURE NATURALS (9 colors as well, ultra- bright, hyper- natural)
- RICH NATURALS (13 shades from intense reflections and refined)
- DEEP BROWNS (14 sophisticated shades and fascinating)
- VIBRANT REDS (18 vibrant reds and expressive)
- SPECIAL MIX (4 intensifiers reflexes)
- RELIGHTS (9 reflected light for toning streaks and contrasts)
method of use : is mixed with Color Touch Emulsion L2CC 6 or 13 volumes, depending on the intensity of reflection you want, in Variable- ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 (gloss finish).
box: 60 ml tube.

reflection cosmetic ultra- brilliant for toning glossopalatine of streaks and contrasts
Rich in pigments and illuminating light reflecting micro-crystals in just 5 minutes gives splendor and extreme shine to natural and colored hair.
Shades 9 reflected light (5 BLONDE RED and 4) all mixed together
method of use : does not cover white hair and mixes with Color Touch Emulsion L2CC 6 volumes in a 1:2 ratio (toning) or 1:3 (gloss finish)
box: 60 ml tube

reflection cosmetic brilliant color with natural effect

Synergistic action with Formula Trispectra harmoniously to cover up to 70% white hair with natural reflexes extremely bright.
shades: available in 16 colors intense hues with natural effect.
method of use : COLOR TOUCH PLUS is mixed with Color Touch Plus Emulsion in a ratio of 1 +2.
box: cream tube 60ml

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