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LINE HOMME - shampoos
LINE HOMME - shampoos - SALERM - Man hair color


LINE HOMME - shampoos
Man hair color

LINEA HOMME - shampoos

Salerm Cosmetics Homme is a men's line, designed specifically for today's men. A full range of cosmetic products designed to provide solutions, using the latest advances in cosmetics for face and hair. The line consists of 3 essential products.

Dual use : shampoo or bath gel. Has a base mild detergent and has been designed for the skin and hair to effectively remove both the dirt that remains of the other products. Combination of active ingredients that produce a cool and relaxing aroma. Effective for all types of hair and dermis.
box: 1000 ml bottle, 250 ml tube in single packs, 100 ml tube.

CONTRÔLE pellicule
Shock treatment in the form of specific anti-dandruff shampoo + peeling. Its specific activities help to correct the problem of dandruff.
method of use : When you start the treatment, use every day. Later combined with the shampoo STOP STRESS. Massaging a few minutes with his fingertips so that the exfoliating effect eliminates dandruff adhered.
Leave for a few minutes so that the active ingredients can act and rinse.

Shock treatment in the form of specific shampoo with specific assets that help control the fat of the scalp and cleanse the hair.
method of use : wet hair. Apply a first amount of shampoo and wash without massaging. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the process, leaving an exposure time of 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water, as usual. Combine with STOP STRESS.
box: 250 ml tube.

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