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RELAXARE - ITELY - Hair Straighteners

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Hair Straighteners


RELAXARE KIT MEDIUM/STRONG is ironing without Thioglycolate with organic bioriduttore, Shea butter, sweet almond oil and Split End
Complex. Eliminates frizz and guarantees softness and silkiness to the lengths.
The kit is available in two versions:
- RELAXARE Medium: ideal for color-treated hair and sensitive
- RELAXARE Strong: ideal for natural hair and resistant
packaging: 100 ml tube straightening cream Relaxare + 140 ml bottle Relaxare Neutral + bottle Plusonda 15 ml sachet

RELAXARE TOTAL STRAIGHT is the ironing system to phytokeratina. Straight hair and extracompatti. Kit for a long-life high-performance that ensures ironing extradefiniti and extracompatti straight hair, eliminates frizz and ensures softness, shine and silkiness to the lengths. Ideal for naturally curly and highly resistant.
packaging: 100 ml tube straightening cream Relaxare + Relaxare Neutral bottle from 140 ml + 15 ml sachet bottle Plusonda .

RELAXARE NEUTRAL neutralizer is creamy with Shea butter and sweet almond oil to preserve the integrity of the hair. To use mixed with Relaxare to get guaranteed results.
packaging: 1000 ml bottle.

THERMOFLAT is the unique smoothing and disciplining multiactive fluid protects hair from thermal shock after ironing service. The Phytokeratina, activated by heat, restores from within the hair shaft while the Split End Complex prevents the formation of split ends and eliminates Frizz. Ideal if used before blow dryer or plate.
packaging: bottle with 200 ml dispenser.