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ALOEKERATECH - TRICOART - Hair Straighteners

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Hair Straighteners

TECH KERATIN-perfect straight

Tricoart enters the market with a revolutionary straightening product. The company philosophy is to create and develop innovative products while respecting the production decision on hypoallergenic base with plant extracts. Create special products like ironing with these parameters is not easy, but possible. This implies, however, a conscious change by the hairdresser, a specific knowledge (albeit simple) of the product, proper manual skills, methods, applications and shutter speeds absolutely subjective, this is because the product was not created to force, but to modulate functional aspects of the hair, achieving the required results.
ALOEKERATECH is designed to accommodate three services at once, or individually to customer requirements and professional:
• HAIR STRAIGHTENING, getting hair soft, smooth and structured.
• STRAIGHTENING TREATMENT, for all those customers who do not want to get to ironing, but simply make more docile and manageable with brushes, hair dryer or their hairstyles.
• DEEP TREATMENT hair FRIZZ, respecting the characteristic, whether they be wavy or straight.
When we talk about ALOEKERATECH don't talk about a treatment with formaldehyde or anything, but of a different treatment that respects every type of hair. ALOEKERATECH consists of a SHAMPOO VOLUME REDUCER 8.5 and a TRAINER.

STEP 1: SHAMPOO preparer-pH 8.5
Shampoo alkalizing recommended before treatment. Cleanses the hair by opening the cuticle to facilitate/encourage treatment. The SHAMPOO cleans and removes grease or silicone PREPARER acting with barrier effect on hair, allowing the absorption of substances characteristic of treatment. Does not contain formaldehyde, sles, peg, sodium chloride and parabens.
packaging: 500 ml bottle.

directions for use: shake the bottle, measure out 30/60/120 gr. Depending on the length of the hair in a non-metallic Bowl, wear gloves and apply starting from 1 cm from the root.
packaging: 500 ml bottle.

Deploy the product to create divisions from 1-2 cm horizontally starting from the nape of the neck and then along lengths and tips with brush, comb through and leave product in 30 to 60-minute pose. If necessary, according to the characteristic of the hair, put it already fit in conditions or needs expressed by the client (lateral line, etc). Put a headset or directly under a heat source and wait, by monitoring the process. Check your hair, when you are relaxed, remove the CAP and set them as you want.
After laying time rinse lightly and gently (without rub hair) the excess of product: to avoid excessive rinsing use between one and five water bowls and pour over the hair, gently massage, comb through with a wide-toothed comb and repeat the rinse a second time. Dry your hair lisciandoli and iron from 6 to 20 times with temperatures of 170° C to 220° C, according to the structure of the hair. In root make the switch in traction while on tiptoe out without delay. After two or more days cleanse your hair with a mild shampoo without SLES, do a restructuring mask and apply a leave-in moisturizer before drying.
Does not contain formaldehyde, sles, peg, sodium chloride and parabens.
For a Frizz leave by 15/25 minutes. About wavy hair to distribute the product evenly along lengths and tips, comb through and let it penetrate, after which replace a mass in usual curly hairstyle, if they are dried with diffuser or in fall
Natural dried lank, remember that after the time devoted to the processing, the product goes into Frizz smoothing, if you do not want to change the current features follow the form of the mass.