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COLOR WRITER - DIKSON - Hair Tone on Tone

direct semi permanent colouring

Vibrant colors for a creative results.

COLOR WRITER is a direct colour semi-permanent ready for use without being mixed with other substances. Apply directly onto bleached hair, highlighted hair and light strands (9 or more clear tone, natural or dyed) for creating special effect colours. Non-bleached hair (natural or dyed blonde, both with 9 or lighter) for a longer lasting result you should use pure pigments without dilution with white. The shades can be used singularly or mixed among them without limitations to the creativity of the hairdresser for an infinite range of colours and mixes bold and vibrant. To get dimmed colours or pastel shades simply use one of the shades in combination with white color as diluter. The formulation of COLOR WRITER consists of micro-pigments, for permanent staining. Molecules able to fixate on the surface layers of the hair, are deposited between the cuticle and the superficial layers of the cortex. Are called "direct" because, for their implementation, are not involved in oxidative processes (no prior mixing with oxidizing agents like to classical dyes),
but simply abide by the shutter speed. From a technical point of view and relative colorimetric are ideal to give the hair an intense and natural reflex.
shades: vibrant fashion colours: Blue 7-red-yellow-PINK-violet-Orange-green and WHITE media 1.
method of use: basic hair: pre-9 level or bleached bleached lighter. Application: on damp hair. Exposure time: 20 minutes. Rinse without using shampoo or conditioner.

Apply each one separately, without mixing them together.

Colors may be mixed among them without limitations based on creativity and inspiration of the hairdresser.
You can even check by eye the shutter speed.
Example of colors available: dark blue: Mix equal dose of blue and purple (1:1)

Colors available:
-Light blue: mix a dose of blue with double dose of white (1:2);
-Light green: mix a dose of nature with 5 doses of white (1:5);
-Pink: mix a dose of HOT PINK with a dose of white (1:1);
-Purple: mix a dose of purple with 5 doses of white (1:5).
Non-bleached hair (natural or dyed blonde, both with 9 or more), for a longer lasting result you should use pure pigments, undiluted with white.

packaging: 100 ml vials.

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