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COLOR UP - ECHOSLINE - Hair Tone on Tone

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ECHOSLINE - Hair Tone on Tone


Fast application, sublime in the result, COLOR UP is the new range of masks coloring Echosline that, in a few minutes, regenerates the natural color of the hair or cosmetic donating intensity and brilliance and making the right nourishment.
Its formula combines elements that regenerate and protect the color with active ingredients that nourish the hair :
- Pigments direct dyes to intensely regenerate the natural color of the hair or cosmetic ;
- Acid pH (3.5) to close evenly and compact the cuticle holding the pigment dye longer;
- Vitamin E: antioxidant that prolongs the life of color ;
- Honey: nourishing and polishing ;
- Milk Proteins : substantivizing action and tonic.
Shades 9 different shades in the series:
SUBLIME COLORS : to revive, toning, give brightness and shine to natural hair, colored, bleached and highlighted hair :
- PLATINUM (shades of beige)
- GOLD (gold shades)
- SILVER (silver shades)
NEOCLASSIC COLORS : to enhance, enliven and give beautiful reflections to the natural color of the hair or cosmetic
- ZIRCONE BRUNO (shades of chocolate)
- TOPAZ BROWN (brown shades)
- AMBER (copper shades)
IMPULSE COLOR : to revive and turn on the reflections of the natural and colored hair or to create color effects of intense and original hair bleached and highlighted hair :
- RUBY (red shade)
- FIRE OPAL (copper intense shades)
- Amethyst (purple shade)
box: 250 ml bottle with dispenser.


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