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BLOSSOM - IT&LY - Hair Tone on Tone


-Permanent micro-based direct coloring pigments which settle between the cuticle and the superficial layers of the hair fiber.
From pink to blue, going from green to yellow, continues to enjoy success on a fluorescent, pastel rainbow hair trend. A trend that has plagued only teenage girls but all women who want to feel free to bold, over-the-top style. BLOSSOM delivers it all:
reinterprets the colors, even the most classic, to satisfy an increasingly fashionable and demanding.
Result: the hair is extremely bright and soft. The color gradually fades with washing, no turn to flare.
shades: a rainbow palette with unexpected nuance 7 (BLUE LAGOON, MERMAID GREEN, VIOLET PURPLE RAIN, TANGERINE ORANGE, FUCHSIA COTTON CANDY, BURNING RED and YELLOW SUBMARINE) to create amazing hair look, and 1 CLEAR that lets you customize the intensity of the colors.
directions for use: dilute with the CLEAR for Ethereal pastels. Must not be mixed with oxygen. Applied to bleached hair, streaks or clear strands, produces vibrant colours, with kaleidoscopic color effects. Non-bleached hair (from a
Base 9) will give amazing reflexes. In this case you should not dilute with CLEAR.
Duration: from 3 to 20 shampoos.
packaging: 60 ml tube.

dimmer without pigment conditioning ingredients

CLEAR is the regulator that helps improve the penetration of color and keep it for a long time on the hair. Lets you customize the intensity of colors and make soft pastel colors.
directions for use: when used in combination with other shades of BLOSSOM, attenuates the intensity to get a pastel color; When used alone, enhances shine and brightness of the hair. Rinse and proceed with the desired styling. To obtain a result pastel color and/or lighten
the result color, mix in at least 8 to 1 ratio (8 parts of Clear and part of Blossom desired).
packaging: 250 ml tube.

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