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DIANTEA - KOMIS - Hair Color


Hair Color

hair coloring cream

Desire for natural and modern coloring?
Desire for cover and brilliance?
Desire for protected skin' soft and shiny hair?
The KOMIS with its DIANTEA Color line thanks to 40 years of experience realizes these desires with a color service with very high reliability and tolerability. The assiduous studies and tests of the technical team of KOMIS' color manufacturer DIANTEA' continuously bring significant improvements to the composition of the dye' placing the utmost attention to safety' to the harmlessness to the tolerability of the product and faithful reproduction of color. To obtain these results, the latest production techniques are always applied by checking the quality from the origin of the raw material to the finished product. DIANTEA Color has a wide range of shades sufficient to meet all color demands.

nuances: available in 51 shades divided in the series: NATURAL (8)' CENERI (6)' DORATI (5)' MOGANO (4)' RAME (10)' VIOLA (4)' FANTASIA (8)' CORRETTORS (2)' SCHIARENTI (3)' SUPERSCHIARENTI (1).

way of use: for the preparation' mix in a non-metallic bowl 1 part of coloring cream : 1 and a half of oxidant (50 grams cream - 75 g oxidizer): you will get a perfect cover with a bright color. In cases of tone-on-tone coverage, use the 20-volume oxidant. In cases of medium-light coverage' use the oxidizer at 30 volumes. In cases of lightening with superlightenings' use the oxidizer at 40 volumes.

Pack: 100ml tube.

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