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DIANTEA - KOMIS - Hair Color

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Hair Color

ammonia with allantoin and Camellia oil

Permanent hair coloring, perfumed, with 100% coverage of grey hair. Intense colour, perfect and long lasting. Extreme respect for the hair and scalp, thanks to the new formulation which provides a soft cream, which does not run and no lumps which may make it less powerful color. Was eliminated the ammonia to make the product less aggressive and more pleasant working environment. The new cream was also enriched with moisturisers to tone, softness and shine to the hair. You inserted the Allantoin, functional substance with strong and now well known anti-irritant and, thanks to the emollient Camellia oil, the color is rich and bright, fixed longer and skin protected and hydrated.
nuances: the color chart features 54 gorgeous shades divided into series: natural; Gold-plated; ASH; Copper; MAHOGANY; Viola; Fantasy; more LIGHTENING series of SUPERLIGHT and Correctors (blue, purple, Orange, green, yellow, red COPPER, ash).
directions for use: with DIANTEA COLOURING CREAM you will get technically perfect and impressive results. DIANTEA COLOURING CREAM should be used with hydrogen peroxide emulsion stabilized at a ratio of 1 part definitely of colouring cream + 1.5 of oxidant. Half pipe (50 ml) + 75 ml 40 30 20, Stabilized oxygen, VOL.
packaging: tube of 100 ml (2 applications).